April 16, 2010

Using thin people’s poop to lose weight

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According to a study carried out by doctor and reseacher Anne Vrieze at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, fat people have a different gut flora than thin people and you can use thin people’s poop, insert it into fat people and help them lose weight. It already works with rats, now it’s being rested on humans.

The idea is not new and dates back to 1955, where in one trial of ‘poop transplant’, a woman was cured from an intestinal disease by having her son’s healthy poop injected into her own intestines.

Vrieze explains that gut flora is as unique as fingerprints, and science still does not know why. Fat people shold have the chance to have more efficient bacteria in their intestines, which would help them poop out the bad stuff easier, which is what happens with thin people.

Vrieze was also surprised that so many men (they didn’t test women) were willing to have a tube shoved down their noses down to their intestines with poop to see if this could increase their chances of losing weight. Never mind the fact that so many things are just not tested on women for reasons that include getting sued because a woman might be pregnant, this time, the reason was that “we don’t know what influence hormone levels could have on gut flora.”

If the effects are temporary, getting a month poop transplant does not sound like much of a solution. The idea Vrieze has is to develop a capsule that could be taken, which would contain the ‘thinning’ bacteria. She responsibly adds that this would not replace proper dieting and exercise.

(Link: kennislink.nl)

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