August 31, 2010

Farmer paints religious slogan red to avoid fine

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Back in July we posted about the Council of State which decided that farmer Joop van Ooijen had to remove the text “Jezus redt” (Jesus saves) from his roof or be fined 15,000 euro. (Feel free to read the legal take on this from Internet lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet in the comments of the link above.)

Nothwithstanding all the legal arguments and the appeals, my television zapping habit procured me with a few minutes of the farmer explaining to a talk show host that he was summoned to remove ‘the white roof tiles’ from his roof. Cut to the farmer’s son at the hardware store buying red car paint, and voil√†¬†, they painted over the roof tiles so it’s not white anymore and can still be read.

(Public domain photo by Wikipedia user Apdency)


April 24, 2008

Paul Verhoeven gives Jesus a stab

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According to Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, known for ‘epic’ films such as Basic Instinct and Robocop, Jesus Christ was probably the son of Mary and a Roman soldier who raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee. Oh and Judas didn’t betray Jesus.

This September, watch out for a book called “Jesus of Nazareth: A Realistic Portrait” (in Dutch), which will eventually be translated into English by 2009. Lucky translator.

It apparently took him 20 years to reach these conclusions, which nobody is ready to believe.

But let’s be fair. I cannot wrap my brain around the ‘fact’ that Joseph was not Jesus’ biological father and started freaking out when someone explained to me that the immaculate conception was Anne (Mary’s mother) giving birth to Mary and not Mary giving birth to Jesus. And that that fish on Friday nonsense was made up by some pope no more than 100 years ago to put their stamp on history. And that Christians were against marriage because it was all Pagan and stuff way back when.

And the source got his degree wrong: they gave him a Ph.D. instead of the Master’s degree he has. So much for checking the facts.


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