Farmer paints religious slogan red to avoid fine


Back in July we posted about the Council of State which decided that farmer Joop van Ooijen had to remove the text “Jezus redt” (Jesus saves) from his roof or be fined 15,000 euro. (Feel free to read the legal take on this from Internet lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet in the comments of the link above.)

Nothwithstanding all the legal arguments and the appeals, my television zapping habit procured me with a few minutes of the farmer explaining to a talk show host that he was summoned to remove ‘the white roof tiles’ from his roof. Cut to the farmer’s son at the hardware store buying red car paint, and voil√†¬†, they painted over the roof tiles so it’s not white anymore and can still be read.

(Public domain photo by Wikipedia user Apdency)

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