March 1, 2009

Omnipresence in the 21st century

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Artist Johan van der Dong is on a holy mission. During a half-year long experiment, or work of art, Van der Dong wants to bring God closer to the modern man and woman, and got Him a (cell) phone. That definitely gives a new ring to the word ‘omnipresence’.

Van der Dong and a number of poets will leave recorded voice mail messages for people to listen to, in case God doesn’t want to answer his calls. The artist is hoping for people to leave their messages on God’s voice mail and intends to replay those messages in the ‘Kunstruimte Nooderstation Noordoost’ in Groningen. “Of course, we’ll do that in such a way that no one can recognise the voices”, says Van der Dong.

Now, you can call me cheap, but the Dutchman in me can’t help wondering why anyone would want to spend money calling a mobile phone number and getting his answering machine, while a simple prayer is for free and just as effective…

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