July 31, 2018

Dutch students sell scented phone cases

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Two Dutch students from Breda have launched an online shop called hype-online that sells scented phone cases. There’s even one that smells like coffee, a scent that stays on the case for four to six months. The cases are sustainable, made from polyurethane.

Much of hype-online’s cases are quite unique and specially made from a start-up in Slovenia, called MMore. Of course, you could order your cases from MMore, but if you’re in the Netherlands, hype-online also delivers and promises to have some new scents soon enough.

(Link: deondernemer.nl, Photo: MMore)

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April 25, 2016

Charging up your phone while you fidget

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For those of us who can’t still still, imagine sitting or moving around in your chair and charging your mobile phone at the same time. Thanks to Dutch designer Nathalie Teugels, you’ll be able to do just that: her chair called MOOV has 288 piezoelectric crystals under the seat cushion that produces electricity when it’s compressed.

Teugels was told way too often to ‘sit still’ and instead of catering to that, she decided to design something that would embrace the fidgeting, especially people with ADD. In fact, sitting upright in the chair can charge it up as well, so it’s a win-win for anyone sitting down. The chair is currently a working prototype, so we’ll have to sit tight for a while until we can get one.

If someone could do that with the utterly useless and annoying habit of pen clicking, I’d be a tad less misophonic. I actually carry pens around to switch them out to people who click them.


(Links: mentalfloss.com, photo: nteugels.tumblr.com)

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March 1, 2009

Omnipresence in the 21st century

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Artist Johan van der Dong is on a holy mission. During a half-year long experiment, or work of art, Van der Dong wants to bring God closer to the modern man and woman, and got Him a (cell) phone. That definitely gives a new ring to the word ‘omnipresence’.

Van der Dong and a number of poets will leave recorded voice mail messages for people to listen to, in case God doesn’t want to answer his calls. The artist is hoping for people to leave their messages on God’s voice mail and intends to replay those messages in the ‘Kunstruimte Nooderstation Noordoost’ in Groningen. “Of course, we’ll do that in such a way that no one can recognise the voices”, says Van der Dong.

Now, you can call me cheap, but the Dutchman in me can’t help wondering why anyone would want to spend money calling a mobile phone number and getting his answering machine, while a simple prayer is for free and just as effective…

(Link: Telegraaf, Photo: atheisme.free.fr)

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