November 22, 2010

Black dog in almost every picture

Filed under: Animals,Art,Photography by Branko Collin @ 11:11 am

The photo book series In Almost Every Picture by ad agency Kessels Kramer show pictures taken by amateurs that focus on the same element again and again.

In the ninth edition, a badly lit black dog is the subject of the camera’s attention. The product site doesn’t say who the photographer is.

Holly Moors says:

The series is very funny because the dog is black and the quality of the Polaroids is low, so most of the time you just get to see a black blob. Apart from producing picture puzzles, such as this one where the dog almost disappears in the shade, the series also produces a window on a time and a family.

A perhaps more famous episode of this series is the woman at the shooting gallery. This is the sort of photography that made Hans Aarsman quit photography altogether, because he realized that as a professional he could never attain this level of authenticity.