March 19, 2012

Man cannot stop laughing after an operation

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Writes the Daily Mail:

A Dutch man who underwent hip surgery two years ago has appeared in a TV interview claiming he has not been able to stop laughing ever since.

According to Huug Bosse’s wife, her husband now spends his days laughing at everyone and everything and it all started when he had a hip replaced under anaesthesia in 2010.

Bosse (70) used to be a greengrocer in Krommenie, halfway between Amsterdam and Alkmaar. He was known for his cheerful disposition, but according to his wife Nolda, it has gotten too much: “If you are trying to have a conversation, and all you get in return is laughter, it starts to get annoying.”

Hearing the national anthem will make him cry though.

The interview was shown in Man Bijt Hond, originally a Flemish programme of which this is the Dutch version. Dutch television, or rather Christian broadcaster NCRV, likes its eccentrics—Showroom (1977-1982) and De Stoel (1990-2004) focused exclusively on them.

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