July 31, 2014

Game show Lingo goes the way of the dodo

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After celebrating 25 years of entertaining the Netherlands with five-letter, six-letter and seven-letter word games, Dutch television staple Lingo will be pulled off the air at the end of September.

“According to broadcaster Nos, Lingo‚Äôs supporters include Ed Nijpels, a former VVD MP, and the chairman of AvroTros, who is planning to ask the programme director to reconsider.” Media Director Remco van Leen is considering moving the show from Ned 2 to Ned 1 in the 17:30 slot, but this would probably not increase the amount of viewers.

Many immigrants and expats have learnt some Dutch by watching Lingo and even by playing the CD-ROM video game that must be floating around the Internet somewhere. A last ditch attempt at getting more viewers in 2013 including inviting nudists to audition and doing a naked version of it. And then they’re always the Lingo moment that went viral with an unexpected dirty word on prime time television. Notice how calm the Dutch react to this contrary to other cultures that would surely panic.

(Links: www.dutchnews.nl, www.tros.nl, Photo: screenshot of Lingo by Tros.nl)

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October 30, 2013

Famous Dutch game show invites nudists to audition

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A few years back, we had going to church naked and naked fitness, and now it’s time for a naked game show on television, with words and balls.

The Dutch game show Lingo, based on an American game show, has been a household viewing staple for decades. It features guessing words of a certain length and unscrambling longer words. Winning a round entitles you to pick balls with numbers to be checked off a bingo card, hence the name.

Lingo is auditioning nudists for a special naked version of the television program. First thing the producers make clear is that participants won’t be chosen based on what they look like, which in TV land has to be partially untrue. And the popular game show host Lucille Werner says she will join in by taking it all off. The show is scheduled to air on May 2014.

Back in 2011 this episode of Lingo went viral, as a smart guy used the word ‘cumshot’ and everyone had a good laugh.

(Link: www.nieuws.nl, Photo of the first Philips colour TV from 1964 by Philips, used with permission)

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