March 26, 2019

Dutch singer Tim Knol finds his doppelganger

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We’ve written about Dutch singer Tim Knol, a down to earth performer who was the victim of a bad radio prank a few years ago and who has now found his doppelganger.

Knol recently found Daniel Skoglund from Sweden virtually, and funny enough, Skoglund is also a singer with a guitar. Knol posted on Twitter that he had found his doppelganger (see pic).

Skoglund performs under the name Songs of Boda and was just as surprised as Knol about the discovery. Both of them made jokes about their parents possibly getting ‘their lines crossed’. As well, both men make the same kind of singer-songwriter music. Yes, I want a duet soon, too!

They are planning to meet in real life and like each other’s music.

Here’s Tom Knol signing in English:

And here’s Songs of Boda, with Daniel Skoglund:


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