February 23, 2014

Quack causes ‘run’ on coffee grinders in bible belt

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coffee-grinder-suzette-pauwelsAfter getting the local press to write about him, Ton van Wingerden, 74, managed to cause a run on coffee grinders at the local Blokker (household goods shop) in Goeree-Overflakkee. An employee told Hart van Nederland they’re “selling six coffee grinders a week, which is a lot for such a device.”

Van Wingerden’s miracle cure is the powder of ground oyster shells. It’s not quite clear from the original article what the powder is supposed to heal, as with all alternative medicine it appears to heal everything the sufferer believes it will heal. Also unclear is why the national press is picking up on this now considering the original story ran last spring. Other methods for crushing oyster shells as reported to Van Wingerden were walking over them in clogs, squashing them between the jaws of a vise or wrapping them in a tea cloth and then hitting them with a hammer.

Goerree-Overflakee is one of the staunchest Christian bulwarks in the Dutch bible belt and is the southernmost part of the province of South Holland. It also borders on Lake Grevelingen where oysters are cultivated.

(Photo by Suzette Pauwels, some rights reserved)

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February 7, 2013

Hotel chef finds pearl in oyster

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Dutch chef Jacco Beck who works at Hotel Sanadome in Nijmegen found a pearl in an oyster, 7.7 mm in diameter and worth an estimated 1000 euro. The good news is, he can keep it. According to a representative of the fishing authorities, the chance of finding a pearl is 1 out of 35,000. The five-year-old oyster came from the Grevelingen lake in Zeeland where a pearl of this diameter has never been found.

(Link: www.bnr.nl, Photo of pearl by Amboo who, some rights reserved)

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