October 29, 2010

First female provost (priest) of a Catholic church

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On Sunday the Old Catholic church, not to be confused with its Roman counterpart, will make a woman provost, the priest that takes care of the actual priesting in a cathedral, NRC reports.

The Old Catholic church is a schism of the Roman Catholic church that identifies with the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Church, and that rejects the dogma of papal infallibility. In 1998 it started allowing women to become priests, and has about 6,000 members in the Netherlands.

Annemieke Duurkoop (63) is the third female priest for the Old Catholic church in the Netherlands, and the first to become provost. Before this she was a PR Manager.

(Photo of the Saint Gertrude cathedral in Utrecht by Wikimedia user pepijntje, some rights reserved)

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March 19, 2009

Keukenhof flower exhibition turns 60

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The Keukenhof flower exhibition, what Wikipedia calls “the world’s largest flower garden,” turns 60 this year. Last Wednesday Queen Beatrix opened this sixtieth edition, according to Blik op Nieuws (Dutch), which is themed ‘USA, New Amsterdam – New York, 400’ in honour of the claiming of the region by Henry Hudson in 1609, followed 15 years later by the foundation of New Amsterdam, which is now called New York.

Part of the exhibition is a giant flowerbed depicting the Statue of Liberty, which is not in bloom yet.

Photo by Nguyen Dai, some rights reserved.

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