May 19, 2016

Festival lets red heads in for free

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The theme of this year’s well-known Valtifest festival in Amsterdam is ‘On Fire’, and they are planning to let in some 500 people for free as long as they have natural red hair, which occurs in a small percentage of the Western European population.

Besides upsetting a lot of people who don’t fit the bill, it discriminates against a whole of people whose genes do not lean towards presenting with red hair, like a lot of non white people.

The joke on the festival’s website “don’t shave your pubic hair because we may look in your pants” isn’t going over well either, apparently. An appointed hairdresser downtown needs to check your hair first as well on specific dates, as you can’t just show up at the festival.

For the real red heads who just want to hang out with other red heads, the city of Breda still holds the Red Head Day in the fall, and this year it will be on 3 September 2016.

(Links:,, Photo of last years visitors by Eddy Van 3000, some rights reserved)

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August 18, 2007

Red hair day in Breda

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Breda has declared Sunday, 2 September ‘Red Hair Day’, so that artist and painter Bart Rouwenhorst can paint and take pictures. Downtown Breda is expecting some 800 red-haired people for the occasion. As of Sunday, some 20 artisits with a fascination for “carrot tops” or “gingers” can check out pictures and paintings in de Grote Kerk. Rouwenhorst has been painting red-haired people for years “They are rare and special. Their skin colour is totally different, and so it is extremely difficult to paint them realistically.”

Van Gogh did a fine job if you ask me.

(Link: De Telegraaf)

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