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Red hair day in Breda



Breda has declared Sunday, 2 September ‘Red Hair Day’, so that artist and painter Bart Rouwenhorst can paint and take pictures. Downtown Breda is expecting some 800 red-haired people for the occasion. As of Sunday, some 20 artisits with a fascination for “carrot tops” or “gingers” can check out pictures and paintings in de Grote Kerk. Rouwenhorst has been painting red-haired people for years “They are rare and special. Their skin colour is totally different, and so it is extremely difficult to paint them realistically.”

Van Gogh did a fine job if you ask me.

(Link: De Telegraaf)

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  1. Bart says:

    on september 7th, 2008, there will be another red hair meeting. this time we expect 2500 redheads from 15 countries, and 100 contributing artits. more can be red on the website

    kind regards,


  2. Nathalia says:

    Hi there;
    I’m a jornalist from Brasil and I’m writing a report about
    peolpe with red hair for Folha de São Paulo´s newspapers. I’d like to talk with the guys that organizes the Redhairfestival in Breda,, do you know some of then?

    Thanks a lot

  3. Orangemaster says:

    I’m sorry, we don’t know anyone personally!

  4. tal says:

    please let me know next year we will be happy to join u.
    we have 3 lovely red headd kids.


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