October 27, 2015

Amsterdam to open entirely staffless restaurant

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With jokes like ‘Please help yourself’ and ‘Better leave yourself a nice big tip’, chef Edwin Sander is getting ready to open up a restaurant called ‘Foodsy’ on 5 November in Amsterdam that won’t have any staff. Although English sounding, the name ‘Foodsy’ is a nod to the Dutch word ‘foetsie’, which means ‘gone, disappeared’ – like the staff.

We don’t have a clue what it means to go to a restaurant and do things yourself, but we do know what it is to stay home and do everything yourself, so why bother? Sounds like a reality TV show. The restaurant won’t take reservations, but function independently with instructions on how to cook things. It’s not making too much sense to the media, either. The main question is: will anybody be overseeing the people in the kitchen? Otherwise it’s a bit like breaking and entering, but then with food and a kitchen.

(Link: www.marketingtribune.nl, Photo by FotoosVanRobin, some rights reserved)

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June 27, 2013

Amsterdam gets pop-up restaurant for single diners

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Perfect for singles and anyone who wants to dine alone without getting looks from the staff when they take away the extra set of utensils from the table, Dutch social-design agency Marina van Goor and branding agency Vandejong have launched pop-up restaurant ‘Eenmaal’ (in Dutch meaning both ‘one meal’ and ‘once’), the first one-person restaurant in the world (so they claim), located in Amsterdam West.

I do expect anybody who will want to try out the place with a friend or date will get frowned upon if they try and move the table and chairs together. The point of the designers is, “to demonstrate that eating in solitude can be a good thing”. The restaurant will only be open to the public for two days on Friday 28 June and Saturday 29 June, and you can reserve using the link below.

No one has any idea about the food or prices, as it’s mostly about the concept.

(Link: www.amsterdamadblog.com, Photo by FotoosVanRobin, some rights reserved)

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November 4, 2008

Ordering food at the restaurant from a computer

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Waiting for your order at a restaurant is never any fun. Restaurant ‘t Hart van Breda has solved this problem by installing a computer that takes orders: you click on a computer screen from your table and voilà . You can even play computer games and chat with guests of the place as well. According to owner Nanda Koomans, “it’s in tune with the times. We have a young target group who lives and works digitally. This is perfect for them.” She emphasises the popularity of the system using an example. “Yesterday we had a group of girls and boys that were chatting with each other. After their digital talk they all went outside to go out together as a group. That’s of course very nice!”

There are also eight “digital free” tables out of the 26 for the non computer-savvy. The system was developed in Israël where its introduction has usually led to an increase in turnover. Although the initial investment is pricy, Koomans believes it is worth it.

I’d rather use a computer than get stressed out over the service in the Netherlands, but computers break down and make mistakes too. Life is tough.

(Link: fok.nl)

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