July 15, 2018

Game console museum gets 200 new items

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According to Bright.nl, the Bonami game console museum in Zwolle has received 200 items in one go for its collection, the biggest extension in the museum’s history. The items are said to be from the 1980s or earlier. All I can think about now is my very first Atari Super Pong for the mid 1970s.

The museum, started by Naomi and John Groenewold, also showcases many Philips products, such as the mini-cassette and the Philips ADM-3A, one of the first video display terminals used to operate a computer without a display.

There are many Dutch games, computers that use punch cards and newer items with VR, which means there’s something for everyone. And yes, you can apparently try out all kinds of games.

(Link: bright.nl)

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February 21, 2018

Personal computer museum to open in Helmond

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On 17 March, the Home Computer Museum in Helmond, Noord-Brabant will open its doors. At noon, visitors will be able to check out a collection of old personal computers, gaming computers and arcade games. There’s also an arcade café, 1980s films, a repairs corner, and more.

Thanks to crowdfunding, founder Bart van den Akker was able to raise the money needed to launch the museum. The city of Helmond also pitched in 7,000 euro for start-up costs and even an annual amount of 3000 euro for the next three years.

(Link: ed.nl)

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July 2, 2013

Dutch prisons to be equipped with computers for inmates

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Justice minister Fred Teeven is seriously considering putting computers in prison cells to cut down on reintegration teachers and guards. The computers will have little or no Internet (a little Internet sounds a lot like being a little bit pregnant) and no e-mail.

Sitting in a cell for your crimes with a computer sounds so similar to sitting in a cubicle with a computer at work (with Facebook bans and all) that it barely qualifies as jail time. I can picture a hacker doing jail time this way and having a blast. The smart money is on how fast porn will get on those computers.

So if technically there’s no Internet and e-mail, what’s the point? Playing Minecraft?How is that supposed to help anybody reintgrate into society? It sounds like another big waste of money to me.

(Link: phys.org, Photo by Ken Mayer, some rights reserved)

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July 21, 2011

‘New’ laptop has someone else’s data on it

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A man in Haarlem bought a new computer at a big chain store. He got home, started it up and saw that it was full of someone else’s data, like pictures, contracts and tax documents.

The previous owner had bought the laptop a year ago (so obviously not a super recent model) and returned it within a week because it kept crashing. Instead if having it repaired, the store just gave him a new one. But was it a new one?

The new owner and the previous owner are kinda pissed, as you could imagine. I have to assume that the previous owner was incapable or didn’t bother erasing his hard drive, which is weird if the new owner was able to start up the computer and use it. I also assume the shop didn’t even start up the computer, kept in the back and eventually put it back on the shelf.

A friend of mine who worked at a similar big chain store back when computers were big PC klunkers said that they didn’t repair anything and just waited a week and gave clients back the same computer, which is why he left his job when he found out.

(Link: welingelichtekringen.nl)

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February 22, 2010

Touchy Remix touch screen in a table

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A classy looking table with a built-in computer, projector (HD, i.e. 720 lines) and touch screen. According to commenters at Engadget who have used this device it has some spots where the touch screen doesn’t work well. Intactlab from Amsterdam is nevertheless not afraid to charge a 1,000 euro daily rental fee for the Remix.

You have to admit, it looks cool.

An iPhone dock is optional.

(Source photo: Intactlab)


March 21, 2009

Bailliff to leave PC, TV behind

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The trade association of deurwaarders (bailiffs, court appointed debt collectors) has decided that its members should leave PCs, TVs and refrigerators untouched from now on when collecting debts because they are considered basic needs. The association, KBvG, which represents all 900 bailiffs in the Netherlands, has a list according to Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch) of basic necessities that a bailiff should not repossess, but the list stems from the nineteenth century and only contains items such as beds, books and food.

KBvG chairman John Wisseborn pointed out that people need a PC nowadays to apply for jobs and fill out tax forms.

Sociaal Raadslieden (municipal advisers) is happy about the change. According to them bailiffs can use their own discretion on what to take and what to leave behind, and have apparently figured out that just the threat of taking the PC can be a powerful means of putting pressure on the debtor.

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November 4, 2008

Ordering food at the restaurant from a computer

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Waiting for your order at a restaurant is never any fun. Restaurant ‘t Hart van Breda has solved this problem by installing a computer that takes orders: you click on a computer screen from your table and voilà . You can even play computer games and chat with guests of the place as well. According to owner Nanda Koomans, “it’s in tune with the times. We have a young target group who lives and works digitally. This is perfect for them.” She emphasises the popularity of the system using an example. “Yesterday we had a group of girls and boys that were chatting with each other. After their digital talk they all went outside to go out together as a group. That’s of course very nice!”

There are also eight “digital free” tables out of the 26 for the non computer-savvy. The system was developed in Israël where its introduction has usually led to an increase in turnover. Although the initial investment is pricy, Koomans believes it is worth it.

I’d rather use a computer than get stressed out over the service in the Netherlands, but computers break down and make mistakes too. Life is tough.

(Link: fok.nl)

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August 15, 2008

How to tell ultra-portables have arrived

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This is the front page of this week’s issue of a DIY chain’s product folder. When DIY stores start not just selling computers, but ultra-portables at that, you know that ultra-portables have arrived.

For the non-geeks among us: ultra-portables are light-weight, small notebooks, suited for web browsing and word processing. Medion is a company that sells computers through supermarket chains such as Aldi, and apparently also through DIY stores. For the geeks among us: Medion Akyoa Mini, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, 80 GB HD, 10″, 1.2 KG, webcam, microphone, Windows XP, 802-11n. (Apparently this is the MSI Wind.)

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