April 6, 2010

White rhinoceros born in Arnhem zoo

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A white rhinoceros (also called ‘squared lipped rhinorecos’) was born in the the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. It’s a male rhino and he is called Dozer. The zoo is very happy since they rarely breed in captivity. According to them, some three rhinos are born every year in Europe in captivity.

Is it just me or does every zoo say that animals don’t breed easily in captivity? I wouldn’t expect anything less, really.

(Link: rtl.nl)

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March 11, 2009

Rubber rhinoceros by Tom Claassen

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Tom Claassen made this rubber rhinoceros in 2004 and put it in a sluice in Amsterdam’s newest neighbourhood, IJburg (reclaimed in true Dutch fashion from the water—the neighbourhood that is, not the rhino). Several questions spring to mind, such as “wha?” and “brrr?” and I wish I had thought of it. Amsterdam.nl provides some answers (English), such as “first public art in the neighbourhood” and “visibility depends on the water level.”

Photo: Tom Claassen. Here’s what IJburg looked like in 2004 (Wikipedia). Via Trendbeheer (Dutch).

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March 31, 2007

Saving rhinos from extinction

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White rhino

According to the Beekse Bergen safari park in Noord-Brabant, Thursday, 29 March was the first time eggs have been successfully harvested from a southern white rhino, the one in question weighing 1,900 kilos. The eggs are to be frozen, fertilised and then inseminated into surrogate rhino mothers. These lucky mothers can look forward to an 18-month pregnancy followed by giving birth to a calf weighing about 66 kilos. White rhinos have two horns and are one of world’s largest land animals after elephants. They can grow to around 2730 kilos. Oh, and they are an endangered species.


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