May 29, 2010

Million digitized newspaper pages available at

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newspaper_ad_2000_04_01_sportsLast Thursday, the Dutch national library opened its repository of digitized Dutch newspapers from the period 1618 to 1995.

So far the library has digitized 1 million pages from 70 papers, which can be viewed at It plans on scanning 7 million more in the next two years in order to cover 5% of all newspapers ever printed in the Netherlands.

For the occasion, the oldest copy of a Dutch newspaper in existance, Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt &c, is on display at the library, on loan from the Royal Library of Sweden. The name, meaning “‘currents’ from Italy, Germany, etc.” stuck around, and now courantkrant in its modern spelling—is the word for newspaper in Dutch.

The Dutch national library is not the first with an online newspaper archive, and there are some genuinely cool archives out there such as the Australian one that lets you proofread OCRed texts (much like Wikipedia). The range of the Dutch archive is actually impressive.

(Links: Webwereld, Trouw.)

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November 8, 2009

Children’s books from the Roaring Twenties

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Oh, to have been a child in the 1920s, when you had children’s books illustrated in the De Stijl style. Gouden Vlinders, the cover of which pictured above, contained verse written by S. Franke and illustrations by Lou Loebe.

Pointed out to us by who also discusses and links to a number of other illustrated Dutch children’s books he likes. All are hosted at, a website of the Royal Library.

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