August 13, 2013

Shoplifter leaves with photos instead of tablet

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Since last week the Amsterdam police are looking for a shoplifter who changed his mind while robbing a Kruidvat drugstore located in the De Pijp district.

Initially the man tried to steal a tablet computer that was stored in a display case, but later changed his mind. He left the fancy gear behind and took off with somebody’s printed photos. The man took off on a bicycle.

The video below shows the man entering the store and taking the tablet from the display case.

My theory is the man came in to collect his photos, saw an opportunity to acquire a tablet he had no money for, then realised the bulge in his jacket would look suspicious at the register. OK, so it’s not a very good theory. What do you think was in those pictures?

The video doubles as a free instructional film on Dutch bicycle etiquette. The shoplifter first secures the rear wheel using his wheel lock, then does the same using a chain lock.

(Photo/video: (YouTube))

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May 14, 2012

Silver coated bag shields you from phone calls and e-mail

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Amsterdam based artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck came up with the Faraday bag, which is according to Bright magazine made of “silver plated polyester which will protect the contents against electromagnetic data, including wifi and mobile networks”.

No idea what that means. The artist herself explains that “my world is less silent because of […] technological advancements. That’s why I created portable silence.”

The bags were made in a limited edition of 100 copies which sell for 129 euro each.

If that is a bit too steep for you, several department stores sell cooler bags that may produce the same effect for a couple of euro or even less. Van Sonsbeeck’s website does not tell whether the Faraday bag runs afoul of local anti-shoplifting legislation that states that it is illegal to carry a prepared bag with the intent to shoplift—that is, bags that cause exit scanners to fail to detect RFID tags. reported in 2008 that 60% of all shoplifting is done with shielded bags.

(Illustration: Sarah van Sonsbeeck)

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