March 7, 2009

Grootveld funeral

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Today Robert Jasper Grootveld was buried in Amsterdam. The day started with a ‘happening’ at Spui square, followed by a service, after which Grootveld, one of the leaders of the 1960s Provo movement, was sailed to the Zorgvlied cemetery on top of a styrofoam raft for burial. 24 Oranges was present at the happening and also took photos of the boat ride to the cemetery.

At the Spui Grootveld was carried around the Lieverdje statue three times while people shouted “hi – ha – happening” and “uche uche uche” (cough cough cough). In the mid-Sixties Grootveld, self-proclaimed ‘anti-smoke magician’, would hold happenings in the square in which he would circle the statue that had been put there by cigarette manufacturer Crescent .

Later today I will upload more photos to our Flickr stream.

Update: photos have been added to Flickr.

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July 3, 2008

Sixties slaughterhouse film saved from oblivion

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Dutch television station VPRO has found an old film from the 1960s in their archives depicting the live slaughtering of cows in an Amsterdam abbatoir. The film ‘Vleesch’ (old Dutch spelling of ‘vlees’, which means ‘meat’) is a five-minute film made by vegetarian filmmmaker Wim T. Schippers, who is known for many things including the voices of Ernie, Kermit and more on the Dutch version of Sesame Street.

Long story short, the film was originally banned because it was not suitable for children. It was postponed a few times and again deemed unsuitable for children. Eventually, some child psychiatrists viewed the movie and said it was fine to let kids watch it. However, the film was never shown. Until now.

‘Vleesch’, made on 9 October 1967, is now being shown for the very first time. The VPRO has also brought out a DVD with this and other lost bits of archives from the same era, albeit surely less straightforward.

Before anyone starts a discussion about how horrible this is you’ve been warned: a cow is being killed in this film so that people will eat it. I glanced at the film myself.

See the film for yourself: Vleesch


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