August 5, 2016

A walking table down the windy polder

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It’s been around for a while, but it’s still pretty cool if you haven’t seen it: a walking table made by Wouter Scheublin. It does need to be pushed and occasionally pulled, but the end result as shown in the screenshot of the video gives me that Dutch holiday feeling.

The walking table is reminiscent of the better known and autonomous ‘Strandbeest’ (‘Beach Animal’) by Theo Jansen in case you’ve missed it.

Find out more about Scheublin’s more recent designs and collaborations here.

(Link:, screenshot of the video)

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February 21, 2008

Bonsai tree table by Anke Weiss

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“This table, which uses 150 bonsai trees, is the result of a research project about scale. The ‘network’ structure can be found in every scale: by looking in as far as possible (cells, molecules, etc.), or by looking on the natural human scale (veins, lungs, trees, riverbeds, maps etc.), or by looking as far out as possible (solar system, galaxies). Even representations of the virtual world (the Internet) resemble this structure.”

It’s nice and scary somehow, all at the same time.


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