October 24, 2019

The Netherlands as represented by emoji

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Every once in a while fun stuff, rather than controversial or nasty stuff, does the rounds on Dutch Twitter. One user names Mathieu from the province of Zeeland came up with an emoji map of the The Netherlands.

The mountain is for the Sint-Pietersberg mountain in Limburg, the only mountainous part of the country. The mountain border Belgium and Germany – I ran up them this summer, it’s beautiful.

There’s parasols for coastal resorts and beaches, an airplane for Schiphol, tractors for many farming regions, tulips for Lisse, South Holland and a skate for Heerenveen, Friesland. My guess is that the phone is for Apeldoorn (tax office), microscope for Eindhoven (why not a lightbulb?) and a roller coaster for the Efteling.

Nos.nl tells us that the telescope in Drenthe stands for the big radio telescope in Dwingeloo and the dust bin stands for Almere – someone explain that to us. Feel free to check out Dutch Twitter to see a whole bunch of other versions, including who says ‘patat’ or ‘friet’ (different ways to say ‘fries), sports and politics.

(Link: nos.nl, Image: Twitter)

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January 25, 2008

New francophone event portal in the Netherlands

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Francomondo is a new, English-language and occasionally Dutch-language weblog about anything francophone happening in the Netherlands. Their world is made up of francophones from around the world living in the Netherlands and Dutch people interested in francophone culture and la francophonie. It is for anyone who wants to know more about French-language events.


The folks at 24oranges worked on this site and so that’s why we’re proudly plugging it (not shamelessly!).

UPDATE: We pulled the plug a while back, it was just too much work.

(Link: Francomondo)

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February 23, 2007

Coming very soon!

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24 oranges is a Netherlands-based, English-language weblog about anything Dutch that’s fun, interesting, weird, cool and otherwise unique. We plan to virtually dredge Dutch canals and bike along the dikes to deliver snapshots and stories of juicy Dutch coolness just waiting to be ‘WordPressed’.

Forget the tourist traps, the Dutch clichés and all that ‘how to for expats’ bla bla: 24 oranges wants to become your suitable or not suitable for work link, a fav in your RSS and a blog that will make the Dutch and the world smile like when you stick an orange slice in your mouth.

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