August 16, 2012

Mysterious Theo van Gogh statues around Amsterdam

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Someone has left several statues of what looks exactly like Theo van Gogh, film director and controversial figure who was brutally murdered on the Linnaeusstraat in East Amsterdam back in 2004.

The resemblance is striking, as is the pose of the statue, which is precisely how Van Gogh was found, albeit without the letter knifed into his chest.

The little statues remain a mystery. Nobody knows anything about them yet. According to comments on, it could be the same anonymous scupltor as the lumberjack in the tree.

More about the Unknown Sculptor on Wikipedia (in Dutch).

(Link: at5, Photo of Breast sculpture by Stacey B, some rights reserved)

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August 2, 2007

Journalist fined for insulting Queen Beatrix

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Are you a journalist and bored with the lack of exciting news this summer? Then you too should try and insult the Queen!

A 17-year-old journalist of Spunk magazine was caught together with her cameraman for – you guessed it – insulting the Queen. She was wearing a T-shirt that read “The Queen is a whore” (in Dutch of course). To make her point she also had a T-shirt that read “All moslims are goat fuckers”, which refers to a comment made by the late Theo van Gogh to prove that freedom of speech was an issue in the Netherlands, especially with Moslims.

The journalist and cameraman asked passers-by which text was more insulting and while interviewing people, were fined and their T-shirts and film were confiscated. They were also jailed for three hours. And then they made the news.


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May 7, 2007

Steve Buscemi in town for film premiere

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Actor and director Steve Buscemi is in Amsterdam for the premiere of Interview, the American remake of the film by the late Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh dreamed that his films would one day be the subject of American remakes and now, a little over two and half years after his death, his dream has come true. In the Van Gogh film, Pierre Bokma and Katja Schuurman played the main characters, while in the American version, Sienna Miller and Buscemi himself do.

(Link: AT5)

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