July 18, 2008

Keep track of your cat with GPS

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An electronics company in Hengelo has developed a GPS system for tracking cats, which it will launch sometime this fall. The goal was to reduce the amount of abused cats: Wilfried Peezenkamp thought up the system after his own three cats came home in a bad state.

The cat gets a small GPS receiver in its collar. By coupling a base station to a home computer, users can see using the digital atlas Google Earth where their feline friend is. “If the cat is trapped somwhere because its paw is stuck, then you can take action right away,” says Peezenkamp.

I’m wondering how original this idea is. The famous Mr Lee cat of the Mr Lee’s cat cam already has a CatTracker for sale, a – you guessed it – GPS tracking system that looks exactly the same as what this company is suggesting (picture shown here).

(Link: gelderlander.nl)

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