May 31, 2017

Thieves break into give-away shop, take nothing

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In a give-away shop, people can come and take stuff. Sure, sometimes there are limits, but the stuff is still free and the shop has no use for money whatsoever.

Oddly enough, some thieves decided to bust into the give-away shop in Zeist, Utrecht and leave all their tools behind. The thieves came in at night, forced open the doors with a crowbar which they left along with some screwdrivers. And they didn’t even take anything.

According to the shop, the place was tossed and the thieves poked around everywhere, possibly trying to find stuff of value. It’s also possible that they were trying to open an old safe in this former school, but the safe has nothing of value in it. The place is going to incur costs to fix, but the shop was open for ‘business’ today already.

I dunno, maybe it was a practice run, albeit a dumb one.

(Link:, Photo of screwdriver by Noel Hankamer, some rights reserved)

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July 31, 2011

Sixty hours community service for ripping open scrotum

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A woman from Zeist near Utrecht was convicted last week for maiming her ex-boyfriend by twisting his scrotum in such a way that it tore open and a testicle fell out.

According to Algemeen Dagblad, the woman defended herself by claiming that the man had abused her before, and that she was afraid it would happen again. “He had been using drugs, and I could see in his eyes that things were not all right. […] I wanted to pull him off the stairs by his crotch.”

The man had to call an ambulance himself, as the woman’s phone credit had run out. The judge felt a claim of aggravated battery was not proven, says RTV Utrecht, and sentenced the woman to 60 hours community service, and awarded the ex-boyfriend 300 euro in damages.

(Photo by Steffen Zahn, some rights reserved)

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December 15, 2008

Revolving door generates power

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As if it isn’t bad enough that since they privatized, the national railroad monopolist barely seems to manage to run a train on time, to boot the NS (Dutch Railways) has now resorted to forced labour. Everybody passing through this revolving door helps the Driebergen-Zeist railway station generate a little bit of electricity. According to an enthousiastic manufacturer, Boon Edam, this is the world’s first energy generating revolving door and a breakthrough in “entrance technology.” There’s a word I bet you did not know existed. They estimate the amount of revolutions to be a scientific “gazillion times.”

The electricity thus won is used to illuminate a sign that says how much electricity the door has generated so far.

Link: Forever Geek. Photo Boon Edam.

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