Lazy parasites are dying out



The amount of people who choose not to work and receive welfare benefits is dwindling, according to Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant. Apparently, there’s pressure on them to get a job. The amount of people living off the government decreased last week to 300,000 (population 16 million), the lowest level in 25 years. In De Volkskrant, 51-year-old Gertjan van Beijnum, who has been unemployed for 28 years and receives benefits, says they are a dying breed. Van Beijnum stopped his art school studies in 1979 and has been unemployed ever since. “It’s not that I can’t work, I just don’t want to. I am against paid work.”

Orangemaster’s quick guide to avoid sloth:
1. Start your own business
2. Do volunteer work
3. Become a starving artist


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