August 3, 2014

Unions object to amateur bus drivers

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buurtbus-syntus-michael-1988Currently more than ten percent of the bus drivers in the Netherlands work without pay, Volkskrant reports.

Volunteer drivers are used on unprofitable routes, or so the companies that employ them claim. On the other hand Labour union FNV Bondgenoten claims that the amateur drivers are putting paid bus drivers out of work.

Egmond Online writes that line 408 from Egmond-Binnen to Egmond aan de Zee currently employs over 40 volunteers. Els Geugies, chairwoman of Vereniging Dorpsbelangen Egmond-Binnen (Village Association Egmond-Binnen), says that volunteers don’t just drive: “We also need to make schedules, fill up on fuel and clean the bus inside and out.”

Last month the city of Rijsen started using people who are on welfare as cab drivers. Hermien ten Bolscher of cab company Taxi Gerritsen told RTV Oost there weren’t happy with the cheap competition: “As it happens we were also unemployed when we started [four years ago]. We have had to make some big investments in cars, licenses and other things. It is wrong that we now have to compete with cab companies that get subsidized.”

It’s not clear from the article whether the unemployed cab drivers are forced to work for free. None of the articles mention if the amateur drivers have received training.

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May 24, 2007

Sex operator work as woman to get off welfare

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A man on welfare benefits in Enschede, Overijssel was given permission to work for 10 months as a sex operator – pretending to be a woman called Ellen – for EUR 7,60 an hour, twice as much as on welfare. Francis Cappelle, 38, was aparently good at faking a woman’s voice and got the job, regardless of the fact that he has to lie about his identity.

Capelle is tired of what he does and feels he is cheating men out of their money. The placement agency UniJobs that found him the job said it’s just a job. The welfare people say if he doesn’t like it, he can get a job doing something else.

(Link: Telegraaf)

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April 10, 2007

Lazy parasites are dying out

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The amount of people who choose not to work and receive welfare benefits is dwindling, according to Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant. Apparently, there’s pressure on them to get a job. The amount of people living off the government decreased last week to 300,000 (population 16 million), the lowest level in 25 years. In De Volkskrant, 51-year-old Gertjan van Beijnum, who has been unemployed for 28 years and receives benefits, says they are a dying breed. Van Beijnum stopped his art school studies in 1979 and has been unemployed ever since. “It’s not that I can’t work, I just don’t want to. I am against paid work.”

Orangemaster’s quick guide to avoid sloth:
1. Start your own business
2. Do volunteer work
3. Become a starving artist