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Zone 5300, spring 2007


[Cover of Zone 5300, issue 14-1]The spring issue of Zone 5300 (tagline: Comics, Culture and Curiosa) is out. Apart from the usual suspects (Mr. Mack, Maaike’s Diary, Troglodytes, Olga, Boerke, Cowboy John) there are:

– Carrièremoves (Career Moves) by Robert van Raffe, showing that the meta-comic isn’t dead, no matter how hard we club it over the head

[panel from Armand and Ilva]– An interview with Thé Tjong Khing (right), perhaps best known for his children’s books illustrations, but also for his recently republished Arman & Ilva sci-fi comic (written by Lo Hartog van Banda)

– An admission by Fool’s Gold editor Frits Jonker that he has taken part of his variety show to the Web in his new Showcase blog

zone_5300-14_1-raymond_teitsma.jpg– An interview with Utrecht-based collage artist Raymond Teitsma (left)

– And also comics by Wasco, Vladan Nikolic & Aleksandar Pavkovic, and Brooklyn-based Israeli artist Koren Shadmi. This month no Plageman (Beachman), I’m afraid. I should have nagged more.

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  1. […] became famous in their right worked for Toonder Studios, such as Lo Hartog van Banda, Paul Biegel, Thé Tjong King, Piet Wijn, Dick Matena and Jan […]

  2. Josephine Quintavalle says:

    Is T T Khing still with you?
    How to tell him that ‘Where is the Cake’ is the most magical children’s book I have ever had the joy of sharing with small children! I’ve given it and its sequels in the series to numerous small people.
    Please pass on my delight.

  3. Branko Collin says:

    Sorry, we do not represent Thé Tjong-Khing (nor even know him personally). If you go to his website,, you will find a form under the link Reageer that you can use to contact him.

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