Homeless man fined for insulting Dutch Queen



After 38 years of nothingness, someone has again been fined for insulting the Queen. This week a homeless Surinamese man from Amsterdam was fined EUR 400 for insulting the Queen and a policeman. Experts are surprised the Queen needs to be protected from vagrants and blame the fine on the current Dutch government obsession with “norms and values”. The man yelled, “I hate your Queen. The Queen of the Netherlands is a whore.” Then, he went on to describe the sexual acts he would do to the Queen. “She’d like that.”

The last time someone was nailed for insulting the Queen was in 1969 when artist Bernhard Willem Holtrop drew a picture of Queen Juliana as a prostitute with a sign above her head that read “5,2 million gulders”. The idea was to protest against the high price of the Royal family. The insult cost Holtrop 200 guilders.

Ironically, famous Dutch white folk have also insulted the Queen as of late in front of large audiences and were never fined. Comedian Hans Teeuwen pretended to have sex with Beatrix on stage and writer Youp van ’t Hek wrote that, “the Dutch audience would be shocked if Willem-Alexander (regent prince) and Beatrix were caught doing it at the monument on the Dam (in Amsterdam)”.

(Link: Trouw)

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