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Better late than never for Dutch singer



After 23 years of professional singing and a few adverts on TV this year alone, 48-year-old singer Dries Roelvink has finally got his first Top 10 hit, with the single “Op weg naar de zon (Route du soleil)” (roughly, “Following the sun (Route du soleil)”, the highway that leads to the South of France). It went from the 25th spot to the 8th. For Dries, who has nine albums and 34 singles, it is a dream come true. “My career has had ups and down, but this is unbelievable”.

This also means that the Dutch wikipedia article on Roelvink is happily out of date : Dries Roelvink


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  1. […] Dries Roelvink worked like a madman for decades to finally gethis first Top 10 hit, which gave him the opportunity to play a the huge stadium, Ahoy in Rotterdam, the symbol of having […]

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