No more false identity on the Internet



Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has actually said he wants to create a law which would make using the Internet under an assumed name illegal. His goal? To catch pedophiles. “Security starts with prevention”, Hirsch Ballin said on TV. Apparently, more and more nasty grown-ups in chatboxes manage to gain the trust of children to either get them to take their clothes off or get their phone numbers.

Sure, we get the idea that there are predators on the Internet, but, hey there, no more nicknames or privacy? No more avatars? No more confidentiality? How ignorant of the Internet are you? You were still OK when you were working on making sex with animals illegal.

You now remind me of this rich Canadian businessman in the publishing industry who said he’d buy the Internet to counter the competition.


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  1. Wenslauw says:

    Nice use of Fletch.

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