Pastor claims late bell ringing has halved attendance


Remember Harm Schilder, the pastor who got into trouble with worldly powers for trying to gather his congregation at mass by ringing his church bells at ungodly hours? Well, he’s back in the news. Pending the outcome of the lawsuit that the board of his church brought against the city of Tilburg, he hasn’t been ringing his church bells at early hours anymore. Now he claims that attendance to early mass has dropped in half. But he is confident that might he lose his lawsuit, Catholics from all over the country will send him money. Apparently you cannot lead a Catholic to mass, but you can make him pay?

Source: Brabants Dagblad.

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  1. […] court in Breda has found that Tilburg priest Harm Schilder is allowed to harass his neighbours by ringing his church bells far too loud at early hours. Although the court (LJN: BB8689) recognized that the city had the authority to […]

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