Anne Frank tree to go, chestnuts already on eBay



It was on the news for many months, the scheduled chopping down of the Anne Frank chestnut tree probably on November 21, the tree she talked about in her world-famous diary. Amsterdam does not chop down anything without serious consideration, and according to many experts, this tree has to go, although so many people have so many ideas on how to save it. There is even a webcam on the tree and the secret annex of the house.

According to local TV station AT5, the highest bid on the tree’s chestnuts is EUR 355, for sale on eBay. Someone who claims to live on the next street over from the sick Anne Frank tree put the chestnuts on eBay last Friday. The idea is that someone can grow their own Anne Frank tree. Neighbours and associations will be fighting the chopping down of the tree until the very last day.

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