Polish fish for profit, not fun



Ever since the Poles have been coming en masse to the Netherlands to apparently do jobs that the Dutch can’t be bothered with, there’s been some talk of trying to get them to accept the ways of the Dutch. In other words, those of the Dutch government, to ‘integrate’ them, although as EU citizens, they do not have to. Basically, the media tends to portray the Poles as ‘being in Rome, but not doing as the Romans do’ and that tends to irritate the Dutch quite a bit.

Apparently, the Poles like to fish in their spare time, but according to Sportvisserij Nederland (the fishing authorities), which hand out permits, they are over-fishing and not following the rules. The situation is so bad that a Polish translation of the fishing rules is being handed to them.

What’s the problem? Dutch fishers put back the fish they caught, while the Poles catch them and either eat them or sell them. It almost sounds like the Dutch expected them to do the same without explaining it to them first. On the other hand, obviously some Poles who may have learned about the rules chose to ignore them for the media to pick this up. This is what we call a ‘cultural difference’, kids.

“The Poles have different ethics and a different food culture and don’t follow the rules,” according to spokesman Juul Steyn from Sportvisserij Nederland.

(Link: ad.nl, Photo: zeebaars.nl)


  1. I think I’m going to be sick. Sounds so colonialist. In colonial times, it’s always emphasized that the colonized don’t follow the rules, drink and eat too much, have wild sex, bad hygene and behave like children. Ok, let’s call it differently. Arrogance?

  2. Orangemaster says:

    It’s called friction. To expect someone to follow any rule without explaining it to them first is unproductive.

    Take Dutch birthdays. No one told me I had to buy the cake on my birthday and not the other way round, it was expected of me.

    There are rules, but you can’t follow them if you don’t know them. As for the Poles fishing for profit, if the Dutch don’t enforce the rules with authority, the Poles will keep fishing.

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