Catholic church says gravestone size matters



You’d think it was tough enough burying a loved one in a country where after a certain amount of years you have to dig them up again and shove them somewhere else to make room for more. The Catholic church had a problem with a gravestone that is 10 cm too wide and 6 cm too high, so they say, and confiscated it. In fact, if you look at the uncommon gravestone which depicts a Barcardi rum bat (isn’t this copyright infringement?), there could be many reasons other than the obvious but unspoken ‘it’s not very Catholic’. And I thought all of God’s creatures are supposed to be beautiful. According to the friend of the deceased woman who put back the gravestone by hand, he says many other gravestones are the wrong size, in a conflict that has been dragging on for almost a year.

It’s funny how the author of the article left out the Barcardi bit.


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