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Play dough-like furniture by Maarten Baas


Eindhoven-based designer Maarten Baas presented prototypes for Chankley Bore, a line of furniture to be sold by UK firm Established and Sons. The photos in Dezeen Magazine show play dough-like lamps (?) and cupboards (?) with some mighty weird extensions.

Baas is a designer who uses actual clay to make furniture, and has a few other interesting projects in his portfolio.

Illustration: Established and Sons.

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  1. Tania says:

    Hello, Maarten Baas is Fantastic. I’m a Design lover, and i think you
    will also enjoy this brand, or

  2. Cat Leccia says:

    hi tania! i know that brand, it’s really nice! and talking about lighting, have you meet delightfull? it’s pretty amazing too.
    love Baas!

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