October 30, 2015

Dutch caught serving rotten food in Milan

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Someone recently told me that not a month goes by in the Netherlands without a food scandal and had collected a list of articles specifically about meat scandals over a period of two years: horse meat passed off as beef, bad fish, sick fattened chickens, and so on. And then there’s the fact that most good reasons to come to the Netherlands have absolutely nothing to do with food, which makes you wonder why the relationship with food here is not a happy marriage.

At an agri-food event like the World Expo Milan 2015 that showcases food from around the world and attracts a huge amount of visitors in its five month stint, you would want your country to put its best food forward. The Dutch pavilion at the expo was fined 3,000 euro by the Italians for serving rotten food that was improperly stored, which included dozens of kilos of rotten meat and bread that was stored in bin bags. That was someone’s idea of street food, which is a shame because the Netherlands has some decent street food at events.

Meat in bin bags, people.

(Link: nu.nl)

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April 28, 2008

WirePod by Joris Laarman

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Live from Milan: American brand Artecnica has launched WirePod, a multi-point electrical “power pod” designed by Dutch designer Joris Laarman.

Made of thermoplastic rubber and with four plug outlets, the 3.8 metre long products is the first in a series of Artecnica products called Wiremore, which will make electrical cables more, rather than less, visible.

There’s more pretty pictures if you follow the link.

(Link: dezeen.com)

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April 27, 2008

Play dough-like furniture by Maarten Baas

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Eindhoven-based designer Maarten Baas presented prototypes for Chankley Bore, a line of furniture to be sold by UK firm Established and Sons. The photos in Dezeen Magazine show play dough-like lamps (?) and cupboards (?) with some mighty weird extensions.

Baas is a designer who uses actual clay to make furniture, and has a few other interesting projects in his portfolio.

Illustration: Established and Sons.

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