Moving on up at work by doing the boss


It’s been a while since we posted something objectionable and this video certainly qualifies. Viral marketing has to have an edge – kitschy or not – to get our attention. OK, the music got my attention.

And true to blunt Dutch form, this one is called “f*** your way to the top”. A male trainee in ugly not tighty whiteys does all kinds of things (mostly insinuated) to impress his future, much older female boss. Since the punch line has to do with condoms, I can imagine that a woman trying to ‘please’ her boss would have fallen short and be considered even more sexist by the masses. And the advert is for a Dutch company called Jobcircle.

And since the punch line is in Dutch, allow me to translate. When Rogier picks up the phone near the end, the voice says “Hey Rogier, didn’t you know that on each condom there are tips so that you don’t have to take your clothes off?”


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