Lambiek comic book store turns 40


Not withstanding a recent lament (Dutch) by Dutch comic giants Hanco Kolk and Jean-Marc van Tol about the decline of the local comics scene, comic book store Lambiek is still going strong. Next week the store even celebrates it’s fortieth anniversary. As they put it themselves: “[Lambiek] is probably the oldest existing comics shop in the world.”

The store in the heart of Amsterdam, just off the busy Leidsestraat, is named after a character from the popular Flemish series Suske & Wiske who in turn was named after the beer. To those who don’t shop for comics in Amsterdam—what’s wrong with you?—Lambiek is probably best known for its online comiclopedia, an encyclopedia of comic artists from around the world in English and Dutch.


  1. Jeroen Mirck says:

    Lambiek should be in any Amsterdam Rough Guide – or is it already?
    Great store, useful comiclopedia, and fun people behind the counter.
    (Thanks for linking to my “lament blog”, by the way.)

  2. Orangemaster says:

    The comiclopedia has bits in French too which is cool.

  3. […] in November 2008 famous comic book store Lambiek in Amsterdam celebrated its 40 year anniversary, a milestone even famous Dutch comic strip artists like Hanco Kolk and Jean-Marc van Tol probably […]

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