Magic mushrooms banned as of 1 December


magic mushrooms

“The ban on the sale of fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms in the Netherlands is set to come into effect on December 1, the AD newspaper reports today. The paper says ministers are expected to vote in favour of the plan at today’s cabinet meeting. The sale of dry mushrooms in ‘smart shops’ is already banned. Health minister Ab Klink said last year he planned to ban mushroom sales following a string of incidents involving tourists. According to Amsterdam health service figures, ambulances were called out 128 times last year to deal with people who had eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms.”



  1. Neil says:

    What’s going on in Dutch government? Are the still taking a pragmatic approach or is their a move to conservatism.?

  2. Branko Collin says:

    The government is christian-socialist now, which means the trait they both share the most floats to the top. No, these are not compassion or solidarity, those are after all just veneer for politicians, it’s patronization.

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