January 20, 2015

Two boring Americans on mushrooms in Amsterdam

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magic mushrooms

Two American guys, Kong and Jesse, take magic mushrooms and take a ‘trip’ through busy and touristy downtown Amsterdam to attempt to pick up girls. Wearing any kind of apparel with Amsterdam printed on it is usually a warning sign to locals, and indeed girls barely talked to them — no surprise there.

The Koningsplein intersection and the busy Leidsestraat are first featured, with both guys interacting more with a trash can (dust bin) than with girls. They eventually talk about renting a bike, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen. When it gets darker, they end up at Rembrandtplein where there are currently winter stalls with arts & crafts and international food, another major tourist trap. Talking to girls is apparently nothing compared to feeling up our trash cans for some reason.

Kong and Jesse picked up nobody in the end, embodying what us locals think about of this type of tourist. Maybe it’s nice to see that two guys doing mushroom and acting stupid is nothing more than two guys doing mushrooms and acting stupid, and Amsterdam just happens to be the backdrop.

(Link: nieuws.nl)

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November 7, 2008

Magic mushrooms banned as of 1 December

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magic mushrooms

“The ban on the sale of fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms in the Netherlands is set to come into effect on December 1, the AD newspaper reports today. The paper says ministers are expected to vote in favour of the plan at today‚Äôs cabinet meeting. The sale of dry mushrooms in ‘smart shops’ is already banned. Health minister Ab Klink said last year he planned to ban mushroom sales following a string of incidents involving tourists. According to Amsterdam health service figures, ambulances were called out 128 times last year to deal with people who had eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms.”

(Link: dutchnews.nl)

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December 20, 2007

No condom shaped lights for the Warmoesstraat

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The Warmoesstraat is one of the oldest streets of Amsterdam and the gateway to the famous Red Light District. The street’s business association wanted to see the wares it sells reflected in its seasonal lighting, and therefore ordered the manufacturing of lights in the shape of condoms, handcuffs, magic mushrooms and so on. But it wasn’t to be: due to a construction error the light that would have been revealed tomorrow turned out to be too heavy to be hung.

The lighting idea was the result of a competition held by the business association and won by Toko 73 and Coolpuk, who also came up with a new logo. I also liked the idea of Carmela Bogman to use LED lights to create an understated, moon-shaped display that would bring visitors back to a darker bygone era, thereby underlining the age of the street—although the actual designs were a bit “Ot en Sien” (tacky).

Illustration by Toko 73 and Coolpuk.

Via Dutchnews.nl.

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