Jeroen Krabbé has no time for Grey’s Anatomy



World-famous Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé, known for many Dutch and English-language roles (playing a meanie in the James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’ comes to mind quickly) has refused a guest role on one of the most popular American television shows, Grey’s Anatomy. Dutch television show ‘SBS Shownieuws’ said on 26 November that Krabbé’s schedule is so full that he had to turn the American medical series down. He said they’d probably ask him again soon. What kind of character would he play? Hopefully not some Russian general called Koskov with a weird accent.



  1. Neil says:

    Too busy for Grey’s Anatomy? Have you seen Dr. Grey? Have you seen her half sister who is cuter by a mile?

    The series is so entirely Doctor-centric, make that surgeon-centric, it’s hard to imagine that the Jeroen Krabbé part is for anyone other than another surgeon. I wonder if he is to fall in love with Katherine Heigl. That’s the other thing about the series, everyone’s a doctor, and everyone is either in love or in lust.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    My two cents is I like House MD better and always will.

    No, he’d play the father of some patient in GA. And Katherine Heigl is only there for one reason and it’s not her acting skills…


  3. crabby says:

    Katherine Heigl worked with him before in King of The Hill according to IMBD – when she was a kid, and for the record no way is she just there for one thing – she is a wonderful actress in my opinion..along with Chandra Wilson probably the best on the show. Heigl’s Emmy was richly deserved.

  4. Neil says:

    Orangemaster, I’ll have to watch House MD on your advice.

    crabby, I won’t wade into your disagreement with Orangemaster about “what Heigl is there for” but I will say I’ve enjoyed her immensely in the recent episodes with Denny back from the dead. She’s also done some “good” comedy movies. Yes, Chandra Wilson is awesome. Oh! Sandra Oh is pretty good too.

  5. Orangemaster says:

    Chandra Wilson is my favourite character and the story line with her husband brings up the working mom issue quite nicely. And Sandra Oh is Canadian so she gets my attention as well.

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