Ceramic version of disposable French fries container


These ceramic containers for French fries are apparently on sale for 1 euro each at Bas / Dirk van den Broek in Rotterdam.

As the whole world has known since the movie Pulp Fiction, the Dutch eat their fries with mayonnaise. Hey, don’t knock what you haven’t tried! The only acceptable way to eat fries is from a cone-shaped paper bag, with the mayo on top. Since a long while many snack bars have switched however to serving their fries in plastic boxes with two compartments, a big one for the fries and a small one for the mayo. What kind of statement the Dirk van den Broek supermarket chain would be trying to make by having a sale of ceramic versions of these disposable containers Trendbeheer doesn’t tell.

Photo: Niels Post / Trendbeheer, some rights reserved.


  1. Neil says:

    You know what they call the quarter pounder? Le Royale ’cause they have the metric system.

    The ceramic versions of the French specialty serving dishes are interesting. How many people make fries at home and would want the special dish to serve them? Certainly, no fries vendor would use them.

    I fell in love with the condiment mayonnaise on french fries in Belgium although recently I’ve had to cut back on the mayonnaise… and the fries.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Neil, BTW in Québec, where they have the metric system, they call it “un quart de livre avec fromage” :)

    I make mayonnaise with mustard and beer, ask Branko :)

  3. Neil says:

    “un quart de livre avec fromage” This part has me stumped – quart de livre. Is “quart” a contraction for quarter and livre = book? If so, it doesn’t sound too tasty to me.

    I saw these paper bottles and thought of the ceramic fries dish. Do you think paper is more environmentally responsible than plastic or glass?

    Do you want to share the recipe: Orangemaster’s Mayo? What foods do you put it on… besides fries?

  4. lola granola says:

    Gimme poutine with extra gravy.

    Can you buy cheese curds in the swap?

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