Dutch band makes sultry French video


Amsterdam’s rhythm & tunes band The Spinshots have just released a new video called “Désirs Mutuels”, a French version of their ballad “Mutual Desires”. I proudly attended the video release party not only to talk to some very cool musicians, but because they had asked me to translate and adapt the French lyrics, a labour of love that took me just three days. Oh and here’s a nice picture of the show they did to launch the video at the recently renovated Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam.

I also got to meet the woman who shot the video. She told me it was all done in one take and took a mere 1.5 hours to shoot. When budget is an issue, creativity is a must. That’s why I like this video. I also heard it was shot in a secret location. I can imagine that someone warning any authority about guys in turbans with equipment could be scary. Hats’ off to the Dutch singer who has a knack for languages and really does the French justice.

And the will to do something in French is part of an odd trend floating around the city whose main Dutch figure, good friend DJ Guuzbourg and his girl-ridden French compilations has something to do with. May this trend continue on in 2009.


  1. Neil says:

    Very <> orangemaster… both the music video and your role in the song. I agree Flora’s French is marvelously phrased. I wonder what accent a Frenchmen hears. I hear no accent but then, I would not. Is French your native language or are French and English your native languages? Have you learned other languages as well as Dutch?

    Lead Vocals: Flora Dolores/Dutch.
    Bass: Andreas Tscholl/Swiss.
    Basstrombone: Axel Schappert/German
    Baritonsaxophon: Mikkel van der Meulen/Swedish
    Trumpet: Ruud Kleiss/Dutch
    Drums: Emanuel Wiemans/Dutch
    Guitar: Martin Draax/Dutch.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    1) There’s no such thing as no accent, but the correct phrasing is important of course. I am both a native of French and English. I also speak Russian but not very often.

  3. Neil says:

    And so a Parisian listening to this song would say Flora Dolores (stage name right?) sounds like she’s a native Dutch speaker who has a Quebecois accent? ;-P Love the post.

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