September 18, 2009

Cocktail hour with Dutch band videos

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It doesn’t happen very often, but we of the 24oranges are really busy. Here are some videos of Dutch bands in French and English to keep you entertained. Cheers!

First up, the video of Frenchman Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Qui est in, qui est out’ sung by local favourites The Spinshots, but with the original Gainsbourg video. They will be performing this tonight at pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Next up, a Dutch-British collaboration Laura Vane & The Vipertones that is playing Amsterdam this weekend and have been getting rave reviews of their first album, which came out a few weeks ago. Here they are with ‘Steam’.

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August 14, 2009

Dutch and Belgian bands cover Gainsbourg in French

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OK, there is one Belgian band, Zeker Weten, who does their thing in Flemish, but it works wonderfully, as does the rest of this original and unexpected compilation. Dutch artists such as Leine, The Spinshots and Juicebox, and Belgian artists (both French and Flemish) such as Suarez and Tom Barman & Guy van Nueten have joined in covering the master of contemporary French music himself, Serge Gainsbourg.

Brought to you by Dutch journalist and DJ Guuzbourg (aka Guuz Hoogaerts) who is now on his fourth compilation, has tried and succeeding in convincing the Dutch (the Belgians were convinced eons ago) that French music doesn’t make you feel inadquate, it makes you feel groovy.

Now comes the name dropping. The official CD presentation of Gainsnord (a term coined by our very own Branko of 24oranges) will be launched at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 18 September with local band West Hell 5 playing live (also on the album), DJs and VJs of the Amsterdam Beat Club, including yours truly, DJ Natashka. The cover was illustrated by comicbook artist Hanco Kolk and designed by graphic artist Martin Draax, bassguitar player of the Spinshots.

Update: Gainsnord website with music.

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December 22, 2008

Dutch band makes sultry French video

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Amsterdam’s rhythm & tunes band The Spinshots have just released a new video called “D├ęsirs Mutuels”, a French version of their ballad “Mutual Desires”. I proudly attended the video release party not only to talk to some very cool musicians, but because they had asked me to translate and adapt the French lyrics, a labour of love that took me just three days. Oh and here’s a nice picture of the show they did to launch the video at the recently renovated Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam.

I also got to meet the woman who shot the video. She told me it was all done in one take and took a mere 1.5 hours to shoot. When budget is an issue, creativity is a must. That’s why I like this video. I also heard it was shot in a secret location. I can imagine that someone warning any authority about guys in turbans with equipment could be scary. Hats’ off to the Dutch singer who has a knack for languages and really does the French justice.

And the will to do something in French is part of an odd trend floating around the city whose main Dutch figure, good friend DJ Guuzbourg and his girl-ridden French compilations has something to do with. May this trend continue on in 2009.

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