Koolhaas Prada Transformer opens in Korea



Today marks the opening of yet another Prada building designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas of Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), the Prada Transformer, a portable, shape-shifting cultural pavilion located in Seoul, Korea.

Having sat down and really enjoyed a recent television show/lecture with Koolhaas, I listened to him explain that the building could physically be transformed for four main uses: art exhibitions, special events, cinema theatre and a section called ‘waist down’. The idea is that instead of rearranging the interior of the building, a big crane has to reposition the Prada Transformer like a giant puzzle.

Some say, nonsense, what a waste of time, energy and resources, others thinks it’s brilliant. On telly, one of the students from the Delft University of Technology studying architecture said that all his teachers refer to him as ‘God’. He was also criticised amicably by the host of the show who said he is always in a rush to get somewhere to which he retorted that by rushing and getting to places faster, he has more time for himself once he arrives.

(Link and image: dezeen.com)

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