Coca leaf liqueur causes a buzz abroad


According to Dutch television program Editie NL, this new coca leaf liqueur made in Amsterdam has caused quite a stir in Taiwan and even Germany. Since it is made from coca leaf extract, it has trace amounts of cocaine in it, although the company claims it does not, much like Coca Cola.

Agwa de Bolivia, a kryptonite green, 30% alcohol drink, gives you an uppity kick and is apparently all the rage in the Dutch party scene as an alternative to energy drinks which usually contain caffeine or guarana, the latter containing twice the amount of caffeine usually found in coffee. Agwa de Bolivia was confiscated in Taiwan because it contains cocaine, as if the bottle was full of it and if their Taiwanese television report was properly subtitled. An expert on television said you’d have to drink 100 bottles to get the minimum effect of 10 mg of cocaine and of course nobody can drink that. Germany is trying to ban the drink ‘because it contains cocaine’, which is again not quite true, another odd response for a drink that is perfectly legal throughout the EU and even the US. I say ‘even’ because the war on drugs in the US is a total and utter failure and cocaine is all the rage.

I plan to go out and try it one of these days. So far it’s been said to be refreshing and have a kick much like coffee does. I can’t say drinking green drinks is my thing, but life is short and I do live in Amsterdam.

UPDATE: Since you’re all asking where you can buy this stuff in Amsterdam, the address is Warmoesstraat 32 at the Coca Leaf Experience, the first-ever and only Coca Leaf museum in Amsterdam, not far from Central Station.

(Photo: Bevmo)


  1. Neil says:

    “I can’t say drinking green drinks is my thing, but life is short and I do live in Amsterdam.”

    Two good reasons to try it in the spirit of moderation. Do tell us!

    Saw this:

  2. Morgan says:

    I had an agwabomb last night, it was really nice! Slightly odd taste to start off with but it has the kick without the horrible back-of-your-throat taste like vodka and most spirits! Very nice :)

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