It’s anarchy here, Fox News said so!


You’re a cesspool of lies, Fox News. And you’re going to hell for all eternity.

Check your facts, you pathetic puritain morons.

We know you’re jealous.


  1. Neil says:

    You see what passes for political discourse in my country? Monica Crowley, the Republican Fox Commentator who spouts off that Amsterdam is in anarchy, has a Phd and yet no problem lying her ass off.

    Everyone on the right thinks lying is for the good of the people and the monied interests, and is the righteous choice. God I hate Fox News and the corrupt right-wing establishment that funds it and feeds it talking points direct from the GOP.

    You should hear that BS being said during the health care reform debate

  2. Darth Paul says:

    FOX and their ‘experts’ are repugnant. They have a pathological need for enemies and will gladly create them to suit their psychotic needs. They’d be out of work if they weren’t exposing an existential threat at every turn.

    Neil- Monica’s PhD probably came from Liberty University. I wouldn’t invest much in her title.

  3. BA says:

    Darth Paul:

    She went to Columbia, one of the most prestigious universities in the USA. You can do better than a straw-man, no?

  4. beer breath says:

    I’ve known ass holes who excel academically and have gone to good schools. They are still ass holes.

  5. […] Fox News slamming Amsterdam without any facts to back it up made students produce excellent videos: Game on: Dutch guys keep kicking Fox News’ lies and It’s anarchy here, Fox News said so! […]

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