Dutch nab world record for group air guitar


(Michael ‘Destroyer’ Heffels in action at the Air Guitar World Championships 2005)

Yesterday at Appelpop, a free two-day festival in Tiel, Gelderland, the world record Air Guitar was broken by the 2005 World Champion, Dutchman Michael ‘Destroyer’ Heffels and an audience of 51,000 people.

By holding an air guitar session and breaking the world record, youth organisation Music Mayday, which help young people in countries like South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia develop their talent, drew attention to the fact that talented African youth can’t even afford a guitar.

Disclaimer: I occasionally do work for Music Mayday and my co-blogger is related to one its fine employees.

(Link: depers.nl)

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  1. Darth Paul says:

    While I’m sort of glad that this is for a good cause, the (ahem) “championship” is so ridiculously LAME! How does this require any talent or skill, besides clownmanship?

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