KLM personnel to go nameless in style



To protect the privacy of stewardesses (and stewards, I imagine), pilots and ground personnel, KLM has decided that they won’t be wearing any nametags anymore as of April 2010. Apparently, there’s no rush to protect them — odd. Their ‘title’ will still be displayed on a pin they’ll have to wear.

KLM personnel will also be getting new uniforms, as the ones stewardesses (and again stewards, I imagine) now wear date from 1990.

Yes, this is a silly picture of two co-pilots in an old DC-9 cockpit.

(Link: at5.nl)


  1. Neil says:

    Would putting their first name and not their last name on their name tag create a great security risk? It would allow people to call them by their names without having to ask for it.

  2. mare says:

    They are named flight attendants to include both sexes.

  3. Orangemaster says:

    I know that, but the Dutch use the word ‘stewardess’ which does not include both. m/v? :)

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