July 17, 2019

KLM slammed for asking mother to cover up while breastfeeding

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KLM is getting bashed on social media for having asked the mother of a newborn to cover up while breastfeeding on a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. The mother explained to the stewardess who had asked her to cover up that her daughter did not like having a blanket over her, but the stewardess said that it was important to consider other people’s feelings.

“Breastfeeding is permitted at KLM flights. However, to ensure that all our passengers of all backgrounds feel comfortable on board, we may request a mother to cover herself while breastfeeding, should other passengers be offended by this.”

Feeding your child is offensive because, well, boobs. Boobs’ primary use are to feed babies last time I heard.

Once the mother told everyone online that people should not fly with KLM, the airline receive thousands of reactions from outraged folks. Parool newspaper also explains that women showing a lot of cleavage apparently are also asked to cover up with a blanket because clients (who, and really?) complain about, well, boobs performing their secondary function: being boobs.

Funny replies include handing out eye masks for people bothered by human feeding humans.

(Link: parool.nl, Photo of KLM A330-200 by caribb, some rights reserved)

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October 7, 2018

KLM house number 99, a nod to coffee

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Back when flying was less democratic, KLM would give
house-shaped bottles filled with Bols genever to folks flying on intercontinental flights in business class, which over time became collector’s items.

This year to celebrate KLM’s 99th anniversary on October 7, a new house, number 99, was unveiled: the first shop of coffee merchant Douwe Egberts, in Joure, Friesland. These houses are so popular that people are already selling them on Dutch online auction sites.

KLM currently serves Douwe Egberts on their flights, in their lounges and in their offices, which would explain their choice. And all of us are wondering what house number 100 will be. OK, not all of us, but KLM and all those collectors for sure.

(Link: nhnieuws.nl, image: klom.com)

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January 1, 2018

KLM scraps pilot caps from uniform

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Happy New Year!

As of today, KLM pilots will no longer be required to wear caps, claiming that in today’s world, they have no added value. As well, not wearing a cap makes pilots more modern and easier to talk to as people. Many other airlines have either scrapped the caps or never introduced them at all.

There’s also talk of donating all the fun caps to a foundation for sick and handicapped children who are fans of pilots and aviation.

(Link: parool.nl, Photo of KLM A330-200 by caribb, some rights reserved)

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September 14, 2017

Delft blue houses made with 3D printers

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While KLM has been well-known for their house-shaped bottles of genever for decades, Amsterdam company Local Makers, which sells 3D printers, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create customised miniature houses. The campaign is more than half way there, but in a few days either these cute houses will be made or not at all.

Local Makers can create a digital 3D model of any home following using photographs and mapping software such as Google Streetview. After creating a precise 3D model of the home, they print it using Ultimaker 3D printers and bioplastic material. The houses are then sanded and prepared to be painted by hand, Delft blue style, a process that takes two days.

(Link and photo: designboom.com)

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September 5, 2017

KLM world premiere: flight info on WhatsApp

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If you’re booking a flight with KLM, you can ask to be kept up to date on WhatsApp. KLM is the first airline in the world and one of the first companies in the world with a verified WhatsApp business account, something businesses usally have on a Twitter account.

On your WhatsApp account you can get a confirmation of your booking, info about checking in, your boarding pass and updates about your flight. KLM can even answer your questions in 10 languages and promises proper encryption of their messages. KLM also promises not to use WhatsApp for advertising.

(Link: parool.nl)

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July 2, 2016

KLM to serve Heineken draught beer on flights

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Two years ago Heineken developed the Brewlock tap system, which addresses the issue of delivering draught beer at the right level of carbonation. And if KLM is to serve beer high up in the air, it needs to be tapped properly and not spray out of the keg due to a lack of carbonation.

The system will be fitted onto a trolley for serving and will be pre-cooled before takeoff and then kept cool for a maximum of eight hours with insulating material. KLM plans to serve beer on tap on a few selected flights and then eventually roll it out.

Roll out the barrel, and we’ll have a barrel of fun – in the air.

(Link: www.telegraaf.nl, photo by Steven Straiton, some rights reserved)

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March 31, 2016

KLM passengers can check in using Facebook Messenger

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As of March 30 KLM has been letting its passengers check in online using Facebook Messenger. Passengers can get their boarding cards and flight information as well as ask KLM any questions they may have directly instead of having to use Twitter or post their story on KLM’s Facebook page for all to read. A boarding pass that used to have to be sent per e-mail or text message can now be sent by Messenger.

Although a world premiere in aviation, we’re calling this a Dutch first because car service Uber was the first company to use Messenger. You can now order an Uber as you land at Schiphol if you wanted to. In the future, other companies will follow suit as well, according to Facebook. KLM is also talking to WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, to extend their services.

(Link: www.nu.nl, Photo: Steven Straiton, some rights reserved)

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July 30, 2015

Aircraft that could fly Amsterdam to Perth non-stop

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KLM and Delft University of Technology have presented designs for an aircraft that could transport passengers non-stop from Europe to Australia. It looks like a flying squirrel swallowed a hammerhead shark and then an Airbus or a Boeing, you choose.

This AHEAD (Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development) aircraft, would carry 300 passengers over 14,000 kilometres, about the distance from Amsterdam to Perth. Its design features two sets of wings – a small pair by the nose and a large set at the rear – that blend into the body. The team also proposes a hybrid engine to replace conventional turbofan engines.

KLM has previously worked with Dutch designers Hella Jongerius and Marcel Wanders to create cabin interiors and tableware.

(Link and photo: www.dezeen.com)

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June 8, 2015

Google, KLM and government favourites with Dutch students

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klm-plane-steven-straitonSwedish marketing agency Universum has been polling Dutch students on who they want to work for after graduation.

A whopping 12,000 students from 32 universities and polytechnics were asked about their career preferences. Major Dutch companies such as Philips, Shell, KLM, Heineken and Endemol were named, but large American companies such as Google and Apple also made their appearance.

Both law and arts & humanities students named the national government as their preferred employer, followed by Google for the former and KLM for the latter. Business students like KLM and Google the best, engineering and physics students prefer Google, followed by Philips.

Compared to last year, TNO, Coca-Cola, IKEA and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek failed to make the top 5 in any of the categories.

(Link: ANS, photo by Steven Straiton, some rights reserved)

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July 8, 2014

Shoot first, ask questions later or wait and see?

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Here’s a lovely, fuzzy article about cultural differences in The Guardian, prompted by an organisational theory thought up by Dutchman Fons Trompenaar, which divides the world into peaches and coconuts. Peaches are what I call the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ people who are friendly to strangers and will withdraw if they have to over time, while coconuts are the ‘wait-and-see’ types who will seem distant at first and may eventually warm up to you over time.

The important point is that both sides are valid and have the power to offend the other, deliberately or not. Recently a Dutch acquaintance said if someone was offended by something he said, it was always the other person’s fault for being offended and that people get offended too quickly. Much like the clumsy KLM tweet about Mexico, where KLM tried to say they were sorry but actually suggested that other people just don’t get Dutch humour, this would mean that the entire Twittersphere would have to bow to a culture they probably don’t even know and that the person at KLM is not responsible for their mistake.

If Trompenaar’s theory of both sides having equal value is true, then someone who causes offense cannot always blame it on other people. Conversely, someone who decides to be offended by everything they hear is of course equally at fault for blaming others. When I was learning Russian at university in Québec, I found out by reading Russian people’s reactions socially that calling myself ‘Natasha’ (my real name) was considered too friendly too fast because ‘Natasha’ is a friendly diminutive of ‘Natalia’ and you don’t let people call you that unless they know you. I then started introducing myself as ‘Natalia’. I could have said, ‘sod this, it’s my culture and my country and my name is Natasha’, but instead I told them they could call me ‘Natasha’ because that was my real name. Some stuck to Natalia, some switched to Natasha, but either way there was some cultural balance without outright blaming the other for not knowing any better.

A Dutch friend of mine visited my house once, which has carpeting that I can’t change for wooden floors, and I told him to please take off his shoes. He said, ‘what’s this, a mosque?’, and I told him that I didn’t want dirt from his shoes on my carpet. I explained that where I come from, a good part of the year it’s full of snow and mud outside, and walking into people’s homes with shoes on — unless you bring a pair of indoor shoes — is a no-no. Although it was my house, it was his cultural rules and I ended up vacuuming for 20 minutes after he visited me. He refused to accept that he had to change the way he did things for me because it wasn’t the Dutch way. All my friends take off their shoes at my place, but they do it because it’s my house and see compromise as a good thing rather than claim that their way is the only right way.

(Link: www.theguardian.com, Photo of Coconut by SingChan, some rights reserved)

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